Have a warrant for your arrest?

If you have an active warrant in Escambia , Santa Rosa or Okaloosa County,  Earl McKinney Bail Bonds can assist you in having that cleared.  In order have an active warrant lifted, the accused must appear at the jail for a self surrender.  This is called a Rapid Intake, when you turn yourself in with a bondsman there to post a bond so your stay is as short as possible.

Rapid Intake Process

 A representative from Earl McKinney Bail Bonds will accompany you to the jail where we will go to the bonding desk to begin the rapid intake.  The officer will check for active warrants.  Once a warrant is found you are considered in custody while the officer waits for confirmation from the originating agency.
During the rapid intake the officer will be asking you questions about your personal information, taking your fingerprints and booking photos. Once the warrant has been verified, the officer will accept our bond and lift the warrant out of the system.  You will be given a copy of your bond that contains your first court date.  It is important to keep this copy for your records and bring it with you when appearing in court.
Occasionally when doing a rapid intake you may have to be taken downstairs to the booking department in order for the jail to process you out.  If this occurs, you will be given priority ahead of others waiting to be released since the officer has already accepted our bond and it is in the file.
When going for a rapid intake it is important to bring with you as little as possible. You will need a form of government issued identification such as a driver’s license, ID card or passport.  If the officer has to take you downstairs they will have to check in and hold all your property while they process you out. This includes keys, cell phones, wallets, belts, jewelry, piercings, shoelaces, hair accessories. Everything will be returned when you leave but checking the items in and out takes time and will extend your stay. Lighters and unsealed tobacco products will be thrown away.
Alleviate the fear of being arrested by setting up a rapid intake with Earl McKinney Bail Bonds today and avoid the embarrassment of being placed in handcuffs and taken to the jail. With rapid intake, you do not have to change into the jail stripes and are in and out of jail quickly.